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EAV Testing Systems
Avatar 4.0 - System Features ( page 2 )

Features Page 2

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New Point Probe Software Advance Button

point probe
The new Point Probe Software Control Button gives you software control at the tip of your finger. This feature lets you sequence through Point Protocol steps or Item testing steps with just a simple click. With this feature you never need to interrupt your testing session with a patient to advance to the next testing sequence step.

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New Point Testing Audio Feature

avatar unit
When you are testing a patient your focus should be on the patient and not on the software. Every time you have to reach over to the computer keyboard to move to the next testing step or every time you have to glance at the computer monitor to verify your point position it wastes time and distracts your testing focus. With the new Point Testing Audio Feature used in conjunction with the new Point Probe Advance Button you can effortlessly move to the next testing sequence and you know exactly where you should be testing.

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New Advanced Relational Database

point probe meridian

New Advanced Relational Database: (use Avatar4.bmp) Avatar 4.0 is the very first and only EAV/EDS testing system to offer the incredible power of today's latest database technologies. Avatar's new Relational Database architecture optimizes Item and Remedy testing with steam-lined flexibility and elegance.

A Relational Database gives you the ability to search for Items and Remedies based on categories and attributes that make perfect sense. Imagine a system where you can look for all the Remedies that affect a specific Organ or Meridian. Or maybe you would rather search by different Conditions or different Causes. Of course you have the ability to search by different Product Manufacturer, but you can also pursue a specific Company's products designed for a specific Organ and for a specific purpose.

For example you could search for the products manufactured by (a) certain Product Manufacturer that are designed for Detoxification of the Liver. Or you could expand the search to include all of the products from more than 80 different Product Manufacturers. And the most amazing part of this system is that it usually takes only one or two mouse clicks to get the answers that you are searching for.

Avatar 4.0 offers an enormous catalogue of over 25,000 individual Remedies and Items categorized by:
  • 55 + General Conditions Categories
  • 21 Meridians/Organs
  • 55 + General Remedy Types
  • 100 + General and Specific Causes (69 related to Allergy Testing)
  • 70 + Product Manufacturers
  • 23 Specific Anatomy Categories

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New Item/Remedy Speed-Test System

meridian test

While the New Avatar Relational Database gives you unprecedented flexibility, the new Item Speed-Test System gives you unmatched Point Testing efficiency.
The Speed-Test System is designed to move through Items in large groups, but it also subdivides these groups into smaller clusters and even smaller clusters and then into individual Items. This method of grouping lets you efficiently determine the most Bio-Compatible Item(s) in short order and with the minimal number of Point Tests thereby causing less Point trauma and fatigue.
The new Speed-test system lets you activate all of the Items in the Test Grid (Page Testing Mode) or you can reduce this any column of Items. You can then reduce any column to just a 1/3 portion of the column Items (Segment Mode) and you can reduce this down to individual Items. Three keyboard keys let you shift and advance (forward and backwards) Speed-test sequencing from Page Mode to Column Mode to Segment Mode and to the Single Item Testing Mode. And the new Point Probe Advance Button lets you effortlessly sequence to the next Speed-test step.


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