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Avatar Software - Documents
Please direct all support inquiries to
User Documents 

Please scroll down for use download instuctions:

Date File Name Document Size Description
09/25/2004 EAV Discussion EAV Discussions 57 KB General description of Computerized EAV Testing
09/25/2004 EAV Discussions Basics EAV Discussions Basics 794 KB General description of EAV Testing
09/25/2004 USB to Serial Port Adapter Instructions USB To Serial Port Adapter Installation.exe 1,856 KB Detailed instructions for installing Belkin USB to Serial Port
09/25/2004 Version 4 Users Guide Version 4 Users Guide.exe 10.1 MB Avatar 4.0 User's Guide
09/25/2004 WaveFront Brochure WaveFront Brochure.exe 1,657 KB 4 page WaveFront Brochure
09/25/2004 Wavefront Users Guide WaveFront Users Guide.exe 985 KB Wavefront Users Guide

Instructions for Downloading and Using Files

  1. Click on the document download link of your choice, for example: "USB to Serial Port Adapted Installation.exe"
  2. A "File Download" dialog-box like the one below will appear.

    Download Instructions

  3. Select the 'Open" button.
  4. A WinZip Self-Extractor message-box will appear.

    Download Instructions

  5. Select the "OK" button.
  6. The WinZip Self Extractor dialog-box will appear showing the progress of the extraction process

    Download Instructions

  7. At this point the document has been extracted and saved to the "C:\VeraDyne Documents" folder.
  8. Each time you download of the documents listed above, it will automatically be saved to the "C:\VeraDyne Documents" folder.

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